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foxy weekend

This weekend I'm going to visit this fox i met on the bus the other day, she lives an hour away but that's cool because she is hot as hell. She's a model, she was in that one BBQ Swifty's commercial (well that's what she said but I haven't seen the commercial yet). She also did some stuff for Vicoria Secrets but I haven't seen that yet either. I'm hoping to get to see a private model show of that if you know what I mean heh heh. I met her on the corner while I was waiting for the downtown bus, she was real friendly and seemed really interested in me. I'm gonna loan her $500 bucks until she gets that check from Victoria Secrets. I'm staying with her and her roommate Guido for the weekend, he's in business for himself and I guess makes boco dinero, he also manages her career. I thought I saw him the other night getting into the back of a cop car but it couldn't have been him becaUse Tiffany (the fox I met) said he was in Swedan for business, he is one of the sharpest dressers I have ever seen, he wears bright purple overcoats with really fancy hats and sometimes has a cane to complete the ensemble. He's a cool cat but don't talk too close to his face or else he gets mad, he's just the private type I guess.
I can't wait to see Tiffany, she promised if I take her out to a fancy restaurant she'll get me next time, Guido has to come too but that's cool.
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