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Remember the musical starring the oh so talented Donny Osmand? Joseph and the Electric Dream Coat. I saw it the other night and was blown away by the coat. Mom and I went to Jo Ann Fabrics today and she's gonna make me one, yippppeeeee! The babes will not to be able to resist the Torker this time!

I sneaked some of mom's spray on tan and I like to tell people I just got in from Bermuda. Justin says I look like an Ompah Loompah, but screw him, he's just jealous because he doesn't look as tan and sleak as me.

Also, I discoverd this great cologne called Paco Rabone, my old math teach used to wear it and it's just heavenly. I like to spray at least ten squirts on.

So between my new Dream Coat, tan and cologne, I will be unstoppable!
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